Tales from the Couch Zone: Episode 1

April 12th, 2016 by Tony Galvan

Tony and Dazza present their new show to HalfGuarded.com, TALES FROM THE COUCH ZONE!!! the next evolutionary step from On the Comic Couch. Where previously we focused on comics, this new show allows us to cover whatever we feel like. Including but not limited to:


  • The Rogue One “teaser” Trailer.
  • The fan backlash from the Walking Dead finale.
  • The MASSIVE Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice third week drop-off.
  • Our Rate or Slate Them picks for the year of 1972
  • Comparing our picks with what won Best Picture in 1973
  • What Dazza has been watching and reading as of late

And lastly, check out Dazza’s Superhero Fights and Fool Britiannia: The Grand National articles here at HalfGuarded.com!!! Here’s the YouTube Super Hero Live Fight Channel discussed on the show.

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