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The Keeping Room Movie Preview – 2015 Brit Marling Western

August 17th, 2015 by The PunMaster General

The Keeping Room stars Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld and Sam Worthington and tells a tale set in the Civil War era. A feminist tale of survival when women had to fight off the unwanted advances of cruel men.

The Keeping Room Movie

Essentially, Brit Marling plays Augusta, a woman who owns her own home (and own slave, apparently). She has a younger sister, but there’s no man in their house. They live in a remote area, and slightly after the Civil War there were a lot of Confederate soldiers running around. Mean men who’d lost a war and wanted nothing but pain for the world. Augusta and her sister have to fight off assaults and more as they defend their homes and themselves.

The Keeping Room Director

Daniel Barber directed The Keeping Room. He doesn’t have too many films to his name, though I liked his last film Harry Brown. Granted, that’s because it starred Michael Caine as a badass ex-military dude who got revenge on some local punks. It wasn’t great, but had some decent action. We’ll have to see how he does when he doesn’t have Michael Caine to work with. Brit Marling ain’t exactly Alfred (WHAT??? ALL THINGS MUST TIE BACK TO BATMAN!)

The Keeping Room Writer

Julia Hart wrote The Keeping Room. Who’s she? Good question. This is her first film, but she already has another gig, this time also directing, so she might have a little talent. At the very least she doesn’t seem lazy.

The Keeping Room Pictures



The Keeping Room Movie Trailer

The Keeping Room Release Date

The Keeping Room releases on September 25, 2015.

Best Actor or Actress in The Keeping Room

I’m gonna go with Brit Marling. Hailee Steinfeld is actually pretty good too, but after seeing her in Another Earth, which was excellent, I have to go with Marling. And not only is she a pretty talented actress, she can also write (she wrote Another Earth). And she’s pretty in an interesting way. I feel like that sounds like an insult, but it isn’t.

I guess I mean she looks like she has more depth than most pretty but empty-headed actresses.

Worst Actor or Actress in The Keeping Room

HAHAHA – Come on. It’s Sam Worthington. What has he been in that he ISN’T the weakest link?

Is The Keeping Room Worth Seeing?

I’m saying yes. There have been some good reviews, and based on the 70% (as of August 15, 2015) rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I’d say it looks solid. The Playlist has a review that intrigued me a bit. It wasn’t glowing, but peaked my interest.

Will The Keeping Room Make Much Money?

Nope. Just… nope.

Final Thoughts on The Keeping Room

I’m definitely interested to check out The Keeping Room when it’s released On Demand, or at least on Netflix. I doubt it’ll get a wide enough release to catch in theaters unless I go out of my way, and I’m relatively lazy, so… no, I’m not doing that. It did make me Google “Brit Marling Nude” though (don’t bother. She’s much more interesting if left to the imagination. Too skinny and pale. WHAT?)

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