Thor Ragnarok Trailer!

April 10th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin



When the end of the world comes, it shall be at the hands of a Norseman.  Something like that.  Until that time, we have this movie: Thor Ragnarok!  It is simply a predictive look at the future of mankind.  As you can tell, our fate will be determined by a hammer and a giant green guy.




OK, it’s really that Thor was being held captive on a planet and has to fight Hulk before he returns to Asgard and fights Hela to stop the destruction of his home.  It will be filled with lots of fighting and cheeky quips.  It will tie in to all the other Marvel movies.  Dr. Strange will show up and help too.  You know you’ll watch.


The big addition is Hela, played by Cate Blanchett.  She runs Hel.  She’s also in charge of the Niflheim, which is a term from the Bible – really.  It’s a reference in Genesis to a bunch of crazy big monsters running around.  I know, the Old Testament has some crazy shit.  Go read about Lot if you wanna be extra freaked out.


Thor Ragnarok Trailer!




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