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UFC 206 RESULTS – UFC 206 FREE LIVE STREAM of consciousness ONLINE

December 9th, 2016 by Mike Coughlin

Air Canada Centre

Toronto, Canada, Not-America

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Come one, come all to our amazing anchor page post thing blog (?) for UFC 206!  Here, you will find all things related to UFC 206 News and UFC 206 Results (when they become available).  And they will be available, oh, believe me on THAT one!


UFC 206 is headlined by Daniel Cormier defending his title against Anthony Johnson in a rematch that first saw Cormier dominate en route to a submission victory Anthony Pettis vs Max Holloway for the Interim UFC Featherweight Championship.  There are also other fights, so don’t think it’s just a show with one single bout, ok?


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Ufc 206 card

UFC 206 RESULTS – UFC 206 FREE STREAM of consciousness ONLINE


UFC fight pass

Zach Makovsky vs. DUSTIN ORTIZ


What Happened

Fantastic scrambles in round one. Ortiz surprising Zach with his wrestling, using it to get the back for a moment. Just a whirlwind of action, too close to reasonably say one guy was definitively better, though maybe slightly favoring Zach.


Two. Ortiz gets the back of a bunch of switches and controls for some time. Solid round for Ortiz.


Three. Even. Ortiz trying for takedowns and missing but he never stops moving and eventually gets on and briefly mounts. 1/4 guard. They’re up. Ortiz drags it down and takes the back. Up. Ortiz is a machine and that’s winning him this fight.


UFC 206 Winner: ORTIZ, split dec.


Should You Watch?

It wasn’t bad. You’ll live if you miss it.


suplex KO

Rustam Khabilov vs. Jason Saggo


What Happened

1. Khabilov subtly moving in. He is using small footsteps and his boxing. And then he did his traditional take down. Right into the rubber guard. Stale mate. Saggo throwing a few elbows. Saggo is all about a high guard, which is stifling Khabilov but also isn’t doing damage.


2. Neither doing much for the first three. Just throwing punches here and there. Khabilov landing harder shots. Then he gets the TD. No rubber guard as of yet. There it is. They stand and in the process Khabilov lands a big punch and hurts Saggo for a moment.


3. Saggo’s corner told him not to be afraid to go for a TD. That certainly seems like shitty advice. Khabilov with his usual loaded up punches. Saggo defends them ok but can’t return fire. Saggo switching to kicks now and they’re landing. But they also open up an easy TD. Aaaaand there’s a blast double from the Russian. He’s freer now with his GNP. This is a route.


UFC 206 Winner: Khabilov, dec.


Should You Watch?

Fight decision DEC



John Makdessi vs. Lando Vannata


What Happened

1. Vannata had a great performance against Ferguson in Sioux Falls and the HOLY SHIT FUCK HE HITS A SPINNING WHEEL KICK OF DEATH AND ENDED IT ALL.


Someone just got $50k.

UFC 206 Winner: Vannata, R1, KO




Should You Watch?

Breaking bad Good fight DEC KO tap out



Ufc 206 card

UFC 206 RESULTS – UFC 206 FREE STREAM of consciousness ONLINE


UFC on fox sports 1 UFC on FS 1

Mitch Gagnon vs. Matthew Lopez


What Happened

1. Lopez with an AWESOME lateral drop. But Gagnon gets right up. Sick kick to the body from Lopez. But Gagnon responds by DROPPING LOPEZ TO DEATH. Pounding galore. Lopez grabbing a leg to try and recover. Back take. Choke? No! Lopez spins and is in top in the guard. Wow!! Scramble and now they’re in 50-50 leg lock position. Round ends that way.


2. AMAZING throw to start things from Lopez. Briefly had mount but good movement by Gagnon to get full guard. Gagnon tries a triangle. Nope. Now trying another one. Lopez forced to play defense. Scramble. And Lopez hits a big punch ala Hendo vs Fedor that did more damage than the crowd seemed to notice. Back take. Choke. No! This time it’s Gagnon escaping. Mount. Arm triangle? Nope. Near the cage as Gagnon stands.


3. A MEGA SHOT to the cock started this off. Lopez CRIED out in pain. OMG. I want to vomit. Lopez fights. Balls of steel. Lopez with a single, gets behind, gets it down, has the back. Fishing for a choke. Halfguard(ed.com) now. Gagnon trying to hip out but Lopez is glue here. They’re up w 3 to go! Huge double leg from Lopez. Little GNP now. Back take w 60 seconds to go. Choke attempt goes nowhere.


UFC 206 Winner: Lopez, dec.


Should You Watch?






Valérie Létourneau vs. Viviane Pereira

Women’s Strawweight

What Happened

1. Val w an immediate TD. Mount. Punches. The Brazilian shrimps to full guard. Side control. This is positional dominance by the Canadian. Scramble up to the feet. The Waxed Vagina clinching but no TD.


2. Brazil with a TD. Stalled things. Didn’t do much. Round was … there.


3. Just fucking nothing. Point striking. Val a bit better, I guess. Crowd is suuuuuper patient. I’d have started a riot by now. The total strikes graphic says rounds two and three are essentially identical. I don’t care. This is boring.


UFC 206 Winner: Viviane Pereira , dec.


Should You Watch?

Fight decision DEC



Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Drew Dober


What Happened

Mercier dominated. He was winning on the feet with his reach and then in the second round he got it to the ground took the back and got the choke.


UFC 206 Winner: Mercier, R2, sub.


Tap out


Should You Watch?



Nikita Krylov vs. Misha Cirkunov

Light Heavyweight

What Happened

1. Two anonymous looking eastern euros fighting has replaced the shaved head and tattoos Midwest white guy as the stereotypical MMArtist. Captain Cirk with a TD early. Nikita fights it off. Misha then wins a scramble, grabs a guillotine, tap!! Wow.


UFC 206 Winner: Misha, R1, sub.


Tap out


Should You Watch?



Ufc 206 card

UFC 206 RESULTS – UFC 206 FREE STREAM of consciousness ONLINE



Jordan Mein vs. Emil Weber Meek


What Happened

1. “His fight with Cyborg … the male Cyborg.” Good to know Mein wasn’t beating the shit out of women. Also. The sponsor for this fight: the government of Ontario. That’s a new one. Emil is from Norway. So were my ancestors. I guess I’m part Viking. Mein with a super easy TD. Meek popped right back up. Another TD from the Canadian. Meek scrambles up and lands a good punch. Mein returns w a left hook. Meek may gave a hurt rib.


2. Meek w an early TD. A little GNP. Uneventful.

3. Meek on top. Controlling and peppering. Crowd is very Canadian here. And that was that.


UFC 206 Winner: Meek, dec.


Should You Watch?




Tim Kennedy vs. Rashad Evans Kelvin Gastelum


What Happened?

– R1
– I want Army Man to lose soooooo badly.
– Kennedy bullying Kelvin early. Muscling TD. Back take.
– It’s up.
– Kennedy behind while standing. He’s attempting to butt fuck Kelvin with knees.
– Kelvin landing more when they strike. Timmy trying to always tie up.
– Tim got lit up as the first round ended.

– R2
– Kelvin behind now, kneeing.
– Up. Tim trying a TD. Kelvin looking kimura.
– Kelvin is waaaaay better when they strike.
– Kennedy gets caught. Tries to get it down. Kelvin scrambles to get on top.
– They stand.
– Fucking Army Boy is gassing.
– Big left from Kelvin slips through just before the round ends.

– R3.
– Kelvin is still a stupid name. Unless his parents are scientists. (I doubt they are.)
– Kelvin letting loose with punches now. All over Army Boy.
– Kennedy hurt.
– BRUTAL body shot.
– Seeing Army Boy get whipped is so much fun. The self-righteous fuck.
– Kennedy down. KO. It’s over!!


Winner: Kelvin, R3, KO





Doo ho choi

Cub Swanson vs. Doo Ho Choi


What Happened

– Choi landing his straight right immediately.
– Cub with a good punch that got the attention of Choi.
– A lot of chants for Choi. Canada is like half Asian at this point. Really.
– Back and forth in the clinch.
– Choi connecting from range with his punches. Cub trying to keep things off balance with “unorthodox” attacks.


– Cub aggressive to start.
– Choi is hurt. Cub is letting loose.
– Choi cracks Cub!!
– Cub is just. This is nuts!!!!!!!!
– How Cub is standing is a mystery.
– Dragged down. Cub has the back. Transition. Cub on top.
– Cub throwing for the fences.
– Cub clowning. Having fun. Cartwheel kick.
– Choi is hurt. Cub swarming. Spinning back fist!
– Fucking NUTS!!!!


– Neither guy gives a shit. This is war. Being tactical is gone and in its place is two men just going nuts.
– I don’t even know what to write as far as breaking this shit down. The moment one does well the other comes back.
– Choi is hurt!!!! Can Cub finish it? Choi is down. THE ROUND ENDS!!!


UFC 206 Winner: Swanson, dec.


FOTY candidate.


Should You Watch?



matt brown

Donald Cerrone vs. Matt Brown


What Happened

– It is a battle to see who can hit the other in the liver first.
– Early on, Cowboy looks a little quicker and sharper.
– Cerrone throwing kicks to the body of Brown. An excellent strategy given that Brown has a notoriously weak body.
– Cowboy lands a switch kick to the head. Brown eats it and the first three minutes have been as good as advertised.
– Brown slipped. Cerrone jumped in but sloppily gets caught in a triangle!!! It looks deep. He escapes!!!!!!!!
– Brown lands a stiff right hand as they stand.
– That. Was. Fun.

– Brown is very very very slightly taking over as the second round
– He just seems to be landing a few more strikes and Cerrone is a little bit defensive.
– Cowboy is hurt. But he is covering up and moving. He is still standing. This is fucking great.
– Brown is knocked to the ground with a right hand. Holy shit this is fucking amazing.
– Cowboy lands a right hand to the head. That sets up a series of punches to the head of Brown.
– Cowboy snaps a jab into the face of Brown. Now it looks like he is taking over and finding a better rhythm. Still one minute to go in the second round.

– Brown for sure needs to win this round. Cowboy might be up two to nothing but who knows. It has been a really bad ass fucking good fight.
If this doesn’t make you hard then you don’t get aroused by fighting.


Soccer KO


UFC 206 Winner: Cerrone, R3, KO


Should You Watch?


UFC 206 RESULTS - UFC 206 FREE LIVE STREAM of consciousness ONLINE


Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis

for the “Interim Featherweight Championship” (kinda)

What Happened

– Oh. Good. We are back to the dumb black and white trunks vs. white and black trunks shit…
– Pettis looks bigger.
– Pure kickboxing affair throughout the first round. I think that Pettis had a slight edge just because of his power but it was very close.



– “Pettis’ Corner” they display. No. That’s wrong. “S Apostrophe” is only used for plural possessive. It should be Pettis’s Corner.
– Grammar nerd…
– Holloway drops Pettis right away. Maybe more of an off balance KNOCK DOWN.
– Pettis is following more in this round. He is not doing a good job of cutting off the cage. He seems to always be walking forward and that leaves him vulnerable to counter punches.
– Pettis with a deep underhook against the cage but it’s the type of position where a guy leans on someone so he can rest…


Pettis may have a broken right hand. I have a broken will to live but I still do, dammit!


– Cock shot on Pettis’s (POSSESSIVE) balls.
– Neither guy is landing anything big. But they are both very very active. The crowd wants to be restless but both guys are doing just enough to keep it exciting. As I say that, Max trips Pettis to the ground briefly.
– Holloway landed a blistering series of strikes that crumbled Pettis.
– The former LW champion was stunned with body shots, then hands to the head.
– Beautiful.


UFC 206 Winner: Holloway, R3, KO


invicta fc results


Should You Watch?




Daniel Cormier (c) vs. Anthony Johnson

Result: Sigh…



hot sexy canada

QUICK & DIRTY UFC 206 RESULTS – UFC 206 FREE STREAM of consciousness ONLINE – aka UFC 206 Card

(Winner in Bold)

  • Zach Makovsky vs. Dustin Ortiz (Flyweight)
  • Jason Saggo vs. Rustam Khabilov (Lightweight)
  • John Makdessi vs. Lando Vannata (Lightweight)

  • Mitch Gagnon vs. Matthew Lopez (Bantamweight)
  • Valérie Létourneau vs. Viviane Pereira (Women’s Strawweight)
  • Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Drew Dober (Lightweight)
  • Nikita Krylov vs. Misha Cirkunov (Light Heavyweight)

  • Jordan Mein vs. Emil Weber Meek (Welterweight)
  • Tim Kennedy vs. Kelvin Gastelum (Middleweight)
  • Cub Swanson vs. Doo Ho Choi (Featherweight)
  • Donald Cerrone vs. Matt Brown (Welterweight )
  • Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis (“Interim” UFC Featherweight Championship)


UFC 206 products you can actually buy!



hot sexy canada




– Cormier defending his UFC Light Heavyweight World Title against Rumble Johnson is official.  Curiously, they didn’t explicitly say it was THE main-event so, perhaps, GSP is returning.

Could THIS happen?!?


UFC 206



Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis is now a part of this bad boy. Winner gets … to be like 3rd in line or something.

Tim Kennedy vs Rashad Evans takes place here now, having been moved from UFC 205.

Well, that didn’t last long. Kennedy vs Evans is scrapped. Same reason: Rashad has a brain tumor. Ok,  that’s a lie but ARMY MAN KENNEDY did say something about Evans’s brain being a mess. Classy.

– Cormier is OUT of the main-event, as FIRST reported HERE.  That kinda knocks this down from a solid 7 to a 3, doesn’t it?

New main-event: Pettis vs Holloway for the Interim FW Title. Also is now real Champion. McGregor is … no longer double Champion, one supposed. CLICK THESE WORDS FOR MORE.

– Kelvin Gastelum missed weight at UFC 205, but don’t worry because he now gets to fight Tim Kennedy at UFC 206. Sure.

– The first embedded episode is up.  Uh, yay?

– So are episodes 2 & 3. Check the front page, you fool.

– Pettis missed weight. No title shot for him. What a shit show this is.


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