VIDEO: McGregor and Mayweather in London

July 14th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

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The final stop on the world tour for McGregor vs Mayweather is here and it is in London, a city in England, a country that beat the shit out of the Irish for centuries.  Nonetheless, they’re totally gonna support Conor over The Black Guy because we all know the Brits are racist as hell.


That and it’ll be real easy for the Irish to hitch up their wagon and horsey and ride down (Ireland doesn’t have cars yet).  There will be A LOT of singing and taunting and Conor will look like a god and Mayweather will probably do the same annoying shtick he’s been doing where he … acts like a turd.  I bet he throws money – $1 bills of course – and the media goes crazy with “He made it rain on Conor!” like he really nailed McGregor or something.


Sigh.  It’s too bad the weird dream I had last night where Conor was getting beat badly in the first round, but then lands a crazy punch that sends Mayweather soaring through the ropes, won’t happen.  Because it won’t.




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