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Where in the world is Donald Trump – debate edition

January 28th, 2016 by Mike Coughlin



Donald Trump has gone missing. He won’t be participating in tonight’s GOP debate, which comes to us live from … Des Moines? Somewhere in Iowa? Sounds about right. I’m likely to be half watching I and so I shall live blog it. I mostly just like the pretty picture I made of Trump. If he was there I wonder if he’d mention Chael Sonnen… (No.)


Bernie Sanders probably thinks one of them contacted Microsoft to rig the voting app thingy so he loses.


I wonder if I make it through this whole thing. Holy shit, it’s two hours long!


Megyn Kelly is there. She doesn’t spell her name correctly which is annoying.


Fat guy from Jersey is still in it.


I have it on mute. Instead I’m singing a song I made up: We can buy gas likes it 1999/Prince.


I like Rubio. He seems nice but needs to toughen up his face. A little wear and tear helps with the Manly Man constituency.


RAND PAUL IS STILL ON THE STAGE!!!! Good for you, little buddy.


This is hilarious without words. Fatso has a Jersey shaped American flag pin.


Rand has a flag pin shaped like  wheelbarrow… THEY’RE PLAYING MONOPOLY!


Carson has a normal pin. It should be a calendar that has Saturday saved for prayer. And that all the food will be vegetarian.


I feel like “given that your brother sucked, why won’t you?” question is overplayed.


Advocates “hosing down mosques.” Great misstep.


Someone asked Hillary a Clinton if a Muslim woman should raise her kids in America. This somehow became a question to Ben Carson.


A guy who is famous for being on YouTube asking a question. And people wonder how Trump could win…


I think the pot head in the audience just woke up Bc Paul got a big YEEEEE HAW!!!!


Rubio looks powerful Bc he has two microphones. Maybe everyone does but his makes him an alien visiting.


Trivago is fun to say. And I always thought their commercials were laid back. Now they’ve done a debate parody. Your website will never make it.


You take Trump away and it turns out these debates are terrible. What loser watches this shit?


Another YouTube person got to ask a question (the Google owned YouTube…). That’s it.


I’m done with this shit.



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