Bad Words 2 (2021) RUMORS & NEWS - SHOULD THERE BE a Bad Words 2?!

Bad Words 2 (2021) RUMORS & NEWS – SHOULD THERE BE a Bad Words 2?!

May 15th, 2018 by Mike Coughlin



I think we can all agree to Jason Bateman is one of the most likable man who has ever graced the silver screen. That is why when one of our sources in Hollywood, an agent with a drinking problem, told us that he would return for bad words part two, we were very excited. Now we will tell you everything we have heard other people tell us that they have heard.


(Note: This post is updated with all additional information as it becomes available so keep checking back for more!)


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Will There Be Bad Words 2

It looks like this will in fact happen. I guess they have seen the success he has had on Netflix with arrested development and Ozarks and because of that they think they can release bad words to on Netflix.


Bad Words 2 RUMORS

Fuck is a bad word. This was also a bad word it one time and now it is a movie franchise. We heard from one source that they would start filming this movie in November 2018. Whether that happens or not is still up for grabs. But we know there is definitely talk about doing a sequel to bad words and that Jason Bateman in particular is very excited about the prospect of doing this film. As soon as we find out more details about the plot we will definitely tell everybody who reads this.



Possible Bad Words 2 Names


  • Fuck you, too
  • Fuck you, two
  • Fuck, you too
  • Fuck, you two too?
  • Fucked again
  • Badder Words
  • The Baddest Words


Who’s directing Bad Words 2?

it appears that one of the driving forces behind making this movie a reality is that Jason Bateman wants to keep directing. And with all of his success and thus power he now has because of Netflix, he can do whatever he wants. And what he wants is to direct a sequel to bad words.



Bad Words 2 Writers

This is still up for debate. Nobody really knows and one agent told me that nobody actually cares because Netflix just gives everybody money to do whatever they want. I guess they all see Netflix and some dumb sugar daddy.

Bad Words 2 Pictures


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Bad Words 2 Release Date

Because this is being targeted for a release on Netflix, it appears that this will come out sometime in 2021. I am not sure exactly when though, however, I would expect a fall release date.

Bad Words 2 Cast

Jason Bateman for sure. I also hope that we bring in Luke Evans and maybe some attractive check with gigantic tits to make this even more appealing.


Bad Words 2 Box Office

Netflix has changed the nature of how movies are made and what is considered valuable. No longer do we have to check the Monday morning returns on the box office to determine whether something was popular or not. The sophisticated algorithm that Netflix uses makes it so that we all know right away who is the best.

Final Thoughts on Bad Words 2

I cannot lie, anything that involves Jason Bateman automatically gets my attention. He is exactly what I wish I could be when I grow up. Maybe one day when my balls drop and I get hair and where there was previously no hair that I will become as cool as he is. But if that never happens I will have to be content with living life as the man I have become. As must we all.



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