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What Happened at UFC London (and in Liverpool vs. Watford)

March 20th, 2018 by Mike Coughlin

Liverpool and London England

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This weekend came and went without a lot of fanfare. Luckily, the President of the United States entertained us, but in addition to him, and I don’t really know why I had a throwing out Trump other than I have the news on in the background, we had the UFC coming to us from London. Matt and I will talk about this on Thursday’s episode of MMA & Stuff, tuff but until then here be a few thoughts.




I can’t really say anything about this besides one guy look like he had more skill and the other guy look like he had more in the gas tank and the gas tank won out. Werdum looked fine in the first two rounds, and I was surprised by his take down heavy game-plan, but I was also a little bit disappointed by his actual jiu-jitsu. He seemed a lot more passive and unwilling to try to break open the guard and pass and attempt submissions. A very lackadaisical approach on the ground when he should’ve been much better.


But if you’re Alexander Volkov, you are OK with all that because you ended up getting the win. So good for you.


We also had Jimi Manuwa losing to what’s his face from whatchamacallit country. This was a garbage performance from both man but I will say that it was a pretty darn entertaining fight all things considered. That having been said, you’ll never remember that this happened and I can’t fathom Jan thinking this springboards him into anything but continued mediocrity.






They are running out of superlatives, as the saying goes, for Mohammed Salah. The man is quite simply the most on point player in all of Europe. Some of the goals he scored on Saturday – out of the four of them – were simply Messi-like. And I realize that when you have to use Messi as your comparison that really just shows how awesome Messi is but if you ignore how great the little Argentinian can be then Muhammad Salah really is something amazing. I’m not going to say he is single-handedly caring Liverpool, because it’s a very well-balanced attacking side, but holy hot damn is he fun to watch and he makes me excited to be a schedule here.


And that fucking goal from Bobby – I love him.



And Robbo.


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