Huffington Post Fails in Claim That Women are Funny

May 14th, 2018 by Mike Coughlin

The He-Man Woman Haters Club



Comedy isn’t easy.  Being a woman isn’t easy.  Being a female comedian isn’t easy.  At least that’s what I thought for a long time, until the Huffington Post made sure I was Scared Cis.


Christopher Hitchens – a personal hero of mine – once wrote a scathing piece for Vanity Fair that claimed women aren’t funny.  He got shit on, hard, for the piece, but this isn’t about that.  I only brought it up because whenever someone talks about women and comedy, its referenced and I figured I should let people know that, yes, I do know about it, but, no, this isn’t that.


See, what had happened was … I get a text from a friend saying that every week the Huffington Post writes a post featuring the funniest tweets from women.  Funny is funny and I’m kind of a sucker for seeing more women in man areas (sup, Target bathrooms), so good for HuffPo, I thought.  Then I read the tweets and they do more to set back women than <insert topical reference here.>


There are 974 million people on twitter  According to the Huffington Post (they’re on a roll today), 60% of them are women.  These are the twenty funniest things said by those 584 million women.



It would be funnier if she said, “Give it the ol’ razzle dazzle.”



Is the joke that women aren’t sacred?



No idea if this is true; will defer to women on its humor. (Kidding, it isn’t funny no matter your genitals.)



It’s good advice your mother gives you?




These two just made the same joke.



Rocket raccoon laughing guardians of the galaxie DEC



“Gals, we’re doing a piece on the funniest things women have tweeted and need some more.”


“Did you check all the supermodels’ accounts?”



Unless it was a slow week, HuffPo is throwing some passive aggressive shade in choosing *this* tweet as an example of Whitney being funny.






I actually thought this was good.



As in, “Just in the butt”?  Is that the joke?  Really?



Do one about airplane food next!



superman and batman underwear



Maybe the punchline is in another tweet?






Nothing sticks it to the man like not knowing how to read.



Do the color of one’s tights not matter during the other seasons?





I laughed at this one too.



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