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North Korea confirms it has nuclear missiles that can reach as far as South Korea

June 11th, 2018 by Chris Najdek



North Korea’s controversial dictator Kim Jong Un is at it again with his scariest threat to date. Un confirmed after their most recent military tests that their nuclear weapons can reach as far as South Korea.


This prompted President Trump to tweet:


“Stop being a dick!”


Obviously South Korea was devastated by the news and have vowed to take action.


“We’re probably just going to get the fuck out of here. I don’t know why we stayed this long. Kim Jong Un is kind of a dick!”


Said South Korean President Moon Jae-In:


“The newest Cold War has been going on ever since Un got into power. He and President Trump have gone back and forth in the headlines for well over a year now. President Trump thus far is winning with far more retweet’s than Kim Jong. ‘MURICA!!! Plus President Trump is like really smart. I’m for one am not worried.”


Let’s just hope this is another stretching of the truth by the North Korean leader. After all, he is kind of a dick.


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