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UFC to Create ANOTHER F**king Interim Title

March 22nd, 2018 by Mike Coughlin

Stupid Land



The UFC is the dumbest fucking company on earth.  The flickering memory of a once well-run company is going to book another fucking interim title fucking fight. Fucking fucks.  The word on the street is that Colby Covington will face Rafael dos Anjos for an interim welterweight championship in the (I presume) main-event of UFC 224, which comes to us all from Brazil.  No, this isn’t confirmed, but I saw it on twitter and other websites and one of them (mmajunkie?) said that a UFC person said, “it’s not official.”  Yeah, that’s code for sure and you all know it.


SWEET FUCKING JEEZUZ.  Stupid stupid stupid.


They can’t help themselves, can they?  The current champion is Tyron Woodley, who last beat Demian Maia in July 2017 in a fight so boring I’m surprised my brain allows me to even pretend I remember it.  For those of you, like me, who suck at math: that’s less than a year ago.  Hell, a year ago, Woodley beat Stephen Thompson in another piece of shit fight.  Don’t get me wrong, Woodley is boring (af, as the kids say) but he’s still a relatively active champion, all things considered.  He even said he plans on being ready to fight this July.  I guess going a whole 6 weeks without a title defense was simply too long for this dumbshit company.


Wonder how this stacks up against the other 15 interim/bullshit titles they’ve created?  Then click HERE to see the recent history of stupid fucking UFC title fight decisions.  If you can read that without having your mind blown then you’re a fucking liar.


I shouldn’t be so angry about this but it’s comically dumb at this point.  Everyone involved is stupid.  WMEI is stupid.  Dana is either stupid or doesn’t care.  The MMA media who bitch and moan about everything under the sun but don’t seem to give a shit about this are stupid.  I’m stupid.  You’re stupid.  The world is stupid.


randy orton stupid rko ko


I hope this sport dies.



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